Sites and Venues of ’96

Georgia Dome Construction Site in Downtown Atlanta

Georgia Dome Construction Site in Downtown Atlanta  Labeled photograph
Atlanta Organizing Committee staff photographer, Atlanta, circa 1990
Georgia Amateur Athletic Foundation Collection, Kenan Research Center at Atlanta History Center

Preparations for the ’96 Olympic Games brought major projects to the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas on a short timeline. The organizers needed to construct new large-scale facilities or identify venues that could be adapted for the various sporting events. Through both means, the ‘96 Games added major venues to the metro area, changing neighborhoods, the city’s downtown, and far-reaching sites in the state. The stories of the Olympic sites shine light on larger urban histories in Atlanta.  

This tour travels to the sites of the ’96 Olympic Games, with information about the histories of the projects, venues, and neighborhoods, and compares historic photographs to present-day locations. As you make your way through, think about how the city has changed, what it means for a big urban project to be successful, and who is impacted by such projects. Atlanta History Center hopes you’ll learn some fun trivia along the way.  

The first portion of the tour is drivable. The loop takes approximately 1 hour, stretching about 15 miles, and hitting 15 sites throughout downtown, midtown, and intown neighborhoods. You can also explore sites spread further afield virtually in the sections of the tour labelled Outside the Perimeter and Throughout the Region.  

Inside the Perimeter

Outside the Perimeter

Throughout the Region