Photography Credit: Picture This! Photography

Photography Credit: Weddings By Kaden

For an unforgetting proposal experience, look no further than our beautifully unique Swan House Gardens!

You are welcome to propose in the gardens during operating hours as long as all guests involved have purchased admission, a handheld camera or props are not being used, and the General Admission Photography Policy is being followed.

Please note that Fridays – Sundays are usually booked with weddings, so proposals of any kind, even with a cell phone camera, are not permitted once event setup has begun for an event in the garden.

If you want to bring props, photographer, videographer, drone, or use a handheld camera to document this wonderful occasion, you will need a Private Personal Photo Shoot Permit for the proposal. We allow bookings for proposals in our gardens Tuesday through Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Most spring and fall weekends are booked for weddings.  We require at least two weeks’ notice for booking and you can book up to two months in advance.

Proposals are only allowed outside, not inside the Swan House. Photography or proposals are not allowed on the Swan House fountain side wedding ceremony lawn. Access to that space is exclusively for booked AHC weddings only. Photography and proposals are allowed on the Swan House fountain side steps, on the grass at the top of the steps, and the grass below the ceremony lawn, including by the two clover leaf fountains near the Swan gate.

Proposal Photo Shoot Permit

Looking to document an intimate moment with your significant other as you ask them to marry you? This delightful $500 option is just for you!

  • Private Personal Photo Shoot Permit
  • 10 people maximum—including the couple, photographer, and friends/family
  • 1 prop (examples: furniture, flowers, sign, marquee letters, blanket, etc.)

Premium Proposal Photo Shoot Permit

Do you have a lot of ideas on how to make this proposal memorable? Look no further than our Premium Proposal option for $750.

  • Private Personal Photo Shoot Permit
  • Up to 20 people maximum, including photographer and supporting vendors
  • Live Music (harpist, strings, etc.)
  • Up to 20 props (examples: furniture, flowers, sign, marquee letters, blanket, etc.)
  • Floral/Decorator Vendor

Additional Guests

Have more people you want to invite? We allow additional guests for $25 per person for either our standard or premium proposal option.

After Hours Proposal

Wanting to amaze your significant other with a stunning sunset sky against our gorgeous garden spaces? For any proposal time that extends past 5:00 PM, the fee is doubled.


Bubbly always makes the day just that much sweeter! Alcohol and champagne may not be brought onto property, all alcohol must come through us. You can purchase bottles of champagne for $48 including tax. Bring toasting flutes, as we do not have glassware in-house.

Please contact Amy in Private Events for booking at or 404.814.4114.

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