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Atlanta History Center has hosted feature films, commercials, TV, etc. All film requests are considered; however, final approval is at the discretion of Atlanta History Center. Taken into consideration are the appropriateness of the film, the product being promoted, and alignment with our mission and guiding principles. Films cannot interfere with guest visitation or our primary purpose of collecting, preserving, and displaying Atlanta’s history.

Film Scouting

Film pricing is custom, we do not have a standard rate. Filming of any kind regardless of scale, including TV, movies, commercials, magazine shoots, student projects, etc. starts at $13,000 and goes up from there.

Filming is typically not allowed inside Swan House.  Filming inside Swan House is open for consideration for budgets of $60,000 or more.

All film requests must be made at least two months in advance of shoot date. Anything less than two months will not be considered. We understand that excludes most TV opportunities.

You must receive advance permission from Private Events to come and scout the grounds on your own; same day and next day scout/tour/meeting with a staff member are not available.

We do not allow filming for music videos.

Date/time specific shoots are difficult to accommodate because we are open to the public. We are always open to working with you on a date/time that is mutually beneficial, and works with our calendar; however, it will be easier to book your event if your time frame is flexible. Most weekends are booked with weddings.

We cannot accommodate daytime events or filming due to visitors, field trips, public programming, the restaurant, and coffee shop which utilize most of our parking. The exception to this is Monday when Atlanta History Museum is closed to the public.

Filming is not allowed on Smith Farm.

Parking Rental

Atlanta History Center is located in Buckhead and has approximately 250 parking spaces. The parking lot is also an excellent basecamp location for filming nearby. Daytime parking request cannot be accommodated.  Parking rental may be available from 4pm–8am.

Atlanta History Center Midtown

Margaret Mitchell House is located on our Atlanta History Center Midtown campus; it is a common location for extras holding in the boutique ballroom, Commercial Row, which can accommodate approximately 130 people.

We do not own the parking lot off Crescent Avenue NE. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help with any inquiries regarding that lot (parking, storage, etc.).

If your film meets the above criteria please contact Steven Dickson for more information, check availability, or for permission to scout.

Steven Dickson
Senior Sales Manager

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