McElreath Hall

McElreath Hall is named for Walter McElreath, the man who led the effort to organize the Atlanta Historical Society in 1926.

McElreath Hall was built in 1975, expanded in 1980, and renovated in 2020—and houses many important components of Atlanta History Center.

Located in McElreath Hall.

Archives. Gallery.

Seeking Eden

Through photographs, postcards, landscape plans, and manuscripts, Seeking Eden highlights the importance of historic gardens in Georgia’s past as well as their value and meaning within the state’s 21st-century communities.

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Woodruff. Auditorium.

empty chairs in McElreath Hall
McElreath Hall view from stage
view of McElreath Hall empty chairs

Draper. Room.

couch and chairs with intable, in McElreath Hall
McElreath Hall
McElreath Hall Interior

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