Kenan research center

Atlanta History Center’s collection features 55,000 museum artifacts, over 17,000 linear feet of archival and library collections, and 33 acres of living collections (150 families; 493 genera; 1,129 species; 1,706 taxa; 5,206 accessions). The History Center maintains historic buildings as collection artifacts, including accompanying farm outbuildings.

The Atlanta area, encompassing the city of Atlanta and its contiguous municipalities and suburbs, is a geographic focus of the collections. The History Center also possesses publications, archival materials, and artifacts related to Georgia, the Southeast, and United States history. For Living collections: state-wide for native plant collections as well as plant collections from other regions that have influenced Atlanta’s landscape.

Learn more about our collections by exploring the collecting areas below. Be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes collections tour to venture into our holdings and even touch some of the artifacts—with gloves of course.

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