Head, Heart, Hands, Health—and History

Atlanta History Center constantly seeks new ways to serve our community by offering our resources in unique ways. One way that we work to fulfill our mission of connecting people and culture with history is by serving as a headquarters for Fulton County 4-H.

In 2015, realizing that Fulton County lacked a 4-H club in the county’s northern area, Atlanta History Center took the opportunity to form a unique partnership with UGA Extension, part of the University of Georgia, and founded the Atlanta History Center 4-H Community Club. In 2016, UGA Extension Service opened a Fulton County office on our campus.

Video courtesy of UGA Extension

What is 4-H?

Young people learn by doing, and in 4-H kids complete hands-on projects in health, science, agriculture, and citizenship in an environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors. The mission of Georgia 4-H is to help youth acquire knowledge, develop life skills, and form attitudes that enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of their communities.

UGA Extension’s 4-H program is designed to further that mission; and Atlanta History Center provides the educational setting—utilizing our extensive gardens, exhibitions, programs, and collections to demonstrate the connection between the region’s history, culture, and people.

Atlanta History Center hosts 4-H Day each summer, where local club members and students from across the state are free to explore our museum and 33 acres of Goizueta Gardens and participate in curated activities across our campus. This experience is an opportunity to go beyond the textbook and bridge the urban and rural divide, as Buckhead is not the typical location for a 4-H club. Bringing an organization that has a large agricultural component into the city will always turn heads—Is that a cow in front of Swan House? — while encouraging dialogue across communities.  

The program empowers Fulton County’s young people to take the future into their own hands.

At the local club level, 4-H experiences are as wide-ranging and diverse as the interests of the children involved—3D printing, public speaking, and leadership development are just a few.

What makes the partnership between 4-H and Atlanta History Center successful is our shared commitment to extend our mission beyond our campus, strengthen connections with the community, and provide educational, fun, and impactful experiences.

Students sitting on sidewalk learning about cow on truck
Women holding child who's petting cow on a truck
Female student in navy dress presenting about pecans
White goat with black ears facing camera and two white goats with brown ears eating


Atlanta History Center 4-H Community Club meets virtually for community service, learning, and fun. Programs are designed for students who live or go to school in Fulton County between grades K–12. Encouraged to take active leadership roles, participants are involved in 4-H through in-school and after-school programs, school and community clubs, and 4‑H camps. A full list of offerings can be found on the UGA Extension website.

During the pandemic, 4-H has migrated its offerings online. Programming includes a virtual cooking club that explores global cuisine; Teen 101 that helps middle and high schoolers hone time management, teamwork, and budgeting skills; and STEM nights that use Harry Potter to put a twist on learning.

Learn more about Fulton Couty 4-H on Facebook at UGA Extension Fulton County , on Instagram @uga_fulton_extension, or on our website.