Research Guidelines FAQ

How often are materials pulled from archival storage?

Items are pulled at the following times: 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:00pm.

Do I need to register before researching?

Please read and sign the patron form and bring a current government issued photo ID to the reference desk. Sign in and out of the facility during each visit.

Are there any rules for what I can bring into the reading room?

Deposit all your personal items, including purses and bags, in the lockers provided. Only wallets, keys, cell phones, iPads, Blackberries or other PDA devices, laptops and cords, cameras (no camera or laptop cases), and pencils may be taken into the reading room. Paper will be supplied by reference staff on request. No pens, please!

Cellular phones must be switched off while you are in the reading room.

What should I know about using the reading room space?

Items on open shelves are self-service. Leave books on reading tables; please do not reshelve.

Items from closed stacks are pulled by request at the Reference Desk. Researchers are allowed access to requested materials one box or item at a time. It is the responsibility of the researcher to maintain the contents of each folder in the order received. Please alert staff to any problems with the collections, including damaged, missing, or misordered documents. For the protection of the collections, please do not lean or write on, fold, bend, or trace materials.

Access to uncatalogued collections is by appointment and subject to the discretion and professional judgment of the archivist in charge of materials.

How do I handle archival materials?

Please remain seated at a table designated by reference staff to view collection materials. You are allowed to pull one folder at a time from a box. Folders must be removed from boxes to view their contents. Records should always lay flat in their folders and be fully supported on tables when being viewed by patrons.

Are there any rules for the reproduction of materials?

Photocopying of original or rare materials is handled by staff only, forms for requesting copies are available at the reference desk. The staff reserves the right to deny copying of items that would be damaged by the process. Staff will copy up to fifty pages of collection material per visit.

Photo-grade reproductions of visual arts materials are available for personal and publication use. Order forms are available at the reference desk.

How should I cite items from the collections?

Use the following notation for citing from the collection: Collection name, MSS#, James G. Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center.

Requests for publishing permission must be made in writing. The Atlanta History Center assumes no responsibility for infringement of copyright or the publication rights of manuscripts held by the writers, heirs, executors, or assigns.

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