Made By Us

Hundreds of history and civics organizations are coming together to build something together: Made By Us, an initiative to inspire, inform and empower Millennials and Gen Z as they shape our country’s future.

There’s no end to making a more perfect union.

As a member of the Steering Committee of this initiative, Atlanta History Center is committed to ensuring that today’s young adults can access trusted sources of information on democracy to pursue historically-informed civic action.

Get Involved

From Juneteenth to July 4th, explore hundreds of activities and events specially designed for those ages 18–30 looking to learn and deepen their civic commitments.

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Explore Juneteenth

Since 2013, Atlanta History Center has hosted an annual Juneteenth celebration that connects visitors to this essential moment in our national history.

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Made By Us

We are a network of history and civics organizations collaborating across the country to better serve the public and join the ongoing conversation about the future of our country.

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