Atlanta Voter Guide

voter going to the ballot box

View of unidentified individuals voting at a fire station in Atlanta, Georgia, ca. 1978. | Boyd Lewis Photograph Collection, Kenan Research Center, Atlanta History Center | VIS 101.559.006

We’re proud to be a community resource on Election Day and beyond, providing Atlantans with the tools to make history.

From Black women’s struggle for suffrage to Atlanta’s winning of the bid to host the 1996 Olympic Games, there’s much to learn about what it means to be an active and engaged member of the community.

In that spirit, we’ve created a guide   to help Georgians prepare to exercise their right to vote, select the method by which they vote, and to identify and report instances of voter intimidation. If you’d like to learn more about registering to vote, Georgia’s Voter ID Laws, how to volunteer as a paid poll worker, check out our National Voter Registration Day resource guide.

A Brief History

As John Lewis reminded us, “the vote is sacred.” Over the years activists like Lewis advocated for an end to voter discrimination—and often faced violent opposition. Since the first Civil Rights Act of 1870, our nation has evolved towards protecting Americans’ right to vote and lower the barrier of entry to exercise that right. Here’s an overview of each federal voting rights legislation and its implications on the electorate.