The peach has a long history in Georgia.

In the 16th century, Franciscan monks introduced peaches to islands along Georgia’s coast. Thereafter, peaches and other fruits were cultivated by Indigenous Creek and Cherokee peoples. The commercial production of peaches in Georgia was prevalent by the mid-19th century. In 2019, Georgia ranked third in national peach production, behind California and South Carolina.

Kenneth F. Murrah Georgia Peach Farm Crate Labels Collection contains labels from Georgia peach farms and their growers. These labels were an early form of advertising for market and grocery shoppers.


Peach Crate Labels

What do you like to make with peaches when they are in season in Georgia—chilled soup, chutney, cobbler, crisp, crumb cake, ice cream, pie, or pound cake? Maybe just fresh or grilled!

Peach Crate Labels

Click the video to enjoy the vibrant colors of the labels. Which one is your favorite? Crate labels were an important form of advertising for peach growers.

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