Smith Farm

Smith Farm tells the story of Georgia farm life and enslavement at Atlanta’s oldest surviving farmhouse.

The farm accurately represents a working slaveholding farm of the Atlanta area in the 1860s with historic buildings moved here for preservation. The landscape represents the era, with historic varieties of crops in the fields, the enslaved people’s garden, a kitchen garden, and a swept yard by the house planted with heirloom flowers. Surrounding the farm’s outbuildings are naturalistic, native plantings. Heritage-breed sheep, goats, chickens, and turkeys also live on the farm.

Sheep and goats. Live cam.

Smith Farm Gardens

Explore a historic variety of crops in the field, the enslaved people’s garden, the kitchen garden, and a swept yard planted with heirloom flowers.

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Beyond the Barnyard

Join us every Saturday for the unique experience of seeing one of our heritage breed sheep or goats on their weekly stroll across campus.

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