Stephanie Danler, Sweetbitter

Stephanie Danler, Sweetbitter

Twenty-two, and knowing no one, Tess leaves home to begin her adult life in New York City. Thus begins a year that is both enchanting and punishing, in a low-level job at “the best restaurant in New York City.” Grueling hours and a steep culinary learning curve awaken her to the beauty of oysters, the finest Champagnes, and the appellations of Burgundy. At the same time, she opens herself to friendships – and love – set against the backdrop of dive bars and late nights.  As her appetites sharpen – not only for food and wine, but also for knowledge, experience, and belonging – Tess is drawn into a darkly alluring love triangle that will prove to be her most exhilarating and painful lesson of all. 

Stephanie Danler is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the New School. Sweetbitter is her first novel and is an international bestseller.

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