POSTPONED | Craftsoul

POSTPONED | Craftsoul
Atlanta History Center has decided to postpone its first Craftsoul festival that had been planned for Saturday, April 4. In light of growing concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we decided that this is not the moment to launch a new annual program, always a challenge even in the best of times. We also of course believe it is important to put the well-being of our guests, artists, vendors, staff and volunteers first.
We are excited about the prospects for Craftsoul, a festival that will explore how today’s culture of making is the result of international arts and crafts traditions colliding, influencing and speaking to each other through time. We are preparing to present this celebration of creativity at a future date to be determined.

Into the objects of their everyday lives, our ancestors wove their souls, resistance, and moments of beauty. Their skills and techniques have been shared through generations and fuels the foundations of today’s makers.

Connect to the multicultural roots of craft in the South through demonstrations with modern artisans who draw on traditional methods. We’ll showcase historic foodways, song, cloth making, botanicals, and many other traditions that encompass our complex, nuanced, and shared history. Discover how today’s culture is a result of international customs colliding, influencing, and speaking to each other through time.

Stay refreshed while you explore by stopping by one of our cash bars. Food will also be available for purchase.

Tickets are included with the cost of general admission.

Stay tuned for a schedule of activities — including our annual sheep shearing.