Wood Family Cabin

Wood Family Cabin

Cabin of curiosity

When you visit Wood Family Cabin, the building, the land, and the people you may encounter have many stories to tell.

Originally, there was the land with the high ridge lines that brought the railroads and with them, Atlanta. The first residents were the Creek Indians settled along the Chattahoochee River at – what the white settlers named – Buzzard’s Roost, Sandtown, and, most recognized, Standing Peachtree.

When those settlers came – after the Creek were forced out – they built log cabin houses, some near Standing Peachtree. This is one.

Elias Wood with his family occupied this cabin not too far from the spot where Peachtree Creek flows into the Chattahoochee River. There, in the woods of 1840s Piedmont Georgia, they farmed, hunted, and made a living - doing well enough to own an enslaved person, one measure of success. 

The old logs cut for this cabin, were re-formed, re-moved, re-used, and hidden for years – they reveal changes to the land, urban growth, and preservation. The land represents the transformation of woodlands, the seeds of wildflowers and meadows, as well as loss and misuse to our environment. 

Enjoy the forest, study the land, talk to the people - they can share stories of settlement and trade, the Creek who were driven away, the coming of the railroads, the Civil War soldiers that passed this way, and other histories over time. Learn about the Natives of this place, about working the soil, about beekeeping, hunting, and other stories of life and the early settlement in the Georgia Piedmont … and before. There are many stories to be found in the forest at Wood Family Cabin.

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