The Road to Good Taste: The Design Life of Ruby Ross Wood

Who is Ruby Ross Wood? How did she impact interior design? What is her connection to the Swan House?

Two people exploring the Ruby Ross Wood Exhibition

Find out the answer to these questions and more with Historic House Manager Nikolas Kekel.

The early 20th century was a time of change for women’s rights and the field of interior decoration with Ruby Ross Wood being at the center of both. Her work helped pioneer design as we know it. This exhibit explores her books, articles, and interior designs. Come learn about her early life, how she built a career as a woman in the early twentieth century, and see stunning images from interiors she decorated around the country.

This tour is an exclusive offering which is only available while this temporary exhibit is on display. Private tours of the exhibition will be led by the Historic House Manager.

The duration of this tour is 30 minutes plus additional time for Q&A.

Max group size is 15 guests.

Standard Pricing

$125 (may be bundled with Smith Farm Curated Tour for $250)

Student Pricing

Student pricing $75 (may be bundled with Smith Farm Curated Tour for $125)

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