Researching Historic Neighborhoods & the History of Castleberry Hill/Snake Nation

Take a virtual walk-through Castleberry Hill, formerly known as Snake Nation, and learn how to conduct historic neighborhood and historic house research.

During this talk, our Collections Manager will walk you through how to research a historic neighborhood and/or building using a variety of primary resources and using Castleberry Hill as a test case. The tour will begin by looking at pre-European settlement maps and lottery records of the area, and discuss how they are used today. From there, participants will search through Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, building permits, city directories, and explore how to use other genealogical methods (newspaper, census records, etc.) to learn more about the strong personalities that lived in Castleberry Hill and Snake Nation. Finally, the tour will cover where deed records are stored and what they can tell us that is unique from the other resources.

The duration of this tour is 45 minutes plus additional time for Q&A.

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