Atlanta Corona Collective

Atlanta Corona Collective

Documenting Atlanta’s response to COVID-19

Atlanta History Center is collecting materials that illustrate how people are experiencing and responding to all aspects of life in Atlanta during the COVID-19 crisis. No matter where you are in the Atlanta region, we have all been impacted in some way. As the COVID-19 crisis highlights social, economic and political strife within our communities, we are grappling with issues that touch every aspect of society.

Atlanta History Center seeks to document and preserve your experiences through any items (e.g. objects, video, audio, photography, papers, typed stories or personal reflections, etc.). For more specific examples of the types of materials we are looking for, please read our blog post.

The stories and materials of the Atlanta Corona Collective will be important research and teaching tools and allow all of us to hare these experiences in the future. To write your story, or to submit a file or URL, please use our Collection Form below. For assistance, please contact


We are doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home and cannot currently collect physical material; however, we still want to collect your items that demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on our region. Items that are of interest to us represent the economic, social, or public health impact of the coronavirus such as school curriculum packets, business or personal signage, finished crafts, or physical mementos of your experience while at home.

To offer physical objects for this project, please send a description and a photograph, if possible, of what you have to so we can set up an appointment with you to collect those items after the pandemic has passed.

To learn more about our usual donation process or to donate any historic Atlanta material, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms and Guidelines

Atlanta History Center is collecting materials that document the response of Atlantans to the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your content:

  • All content submitted through this form is deeded to AHC, and a non-exclusive license given for public use, research, display, exhibit, and publication. Donors retain rights to use, distribute, and/or donate digital materials elsewhere.
  • AHC reserves the right to decline or remove submissions of inappropriate, duplicative, or irrelevant nature and is not obligated to include all donated content for this project or to preserve all donated project content for perpetuity.
  • Please only submit photographic, audio, or video material which you own or have created.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to submit content. If you are under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to submit content on your behalf.


Ex: Bread aisle at Publix on Howell Mill Road

Ex: March 25, 2020

Please consider including an address, street intersection, building name, or neighborhood name. AHC team members may contact you about your donation.

Tell your story in as much detail as possible.

Limit: 25MB If your file is larger than 25MB, please upload it to a file-sharing platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox and link to it in the description field.

.Describe this piece of history in more detail

Include as much information that you can about the history documented in your file(s), including what it depicts, where it was made, who was present or who is depicted, or any other relevant details.

Share your own social media posts or website: Why is this URL or social media post relevant? AHC team members may contact you about your donation.


By submitting my content, I understand that the AHC does not guarantee full anonymity and may contact me confidentially.

Terms & Conditions

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