Locomotion: Railroads and The Making of Atlanta—Plus!

Did you know that Atlanta owes its very existence to railroads?

model Texas Locomotive

Long before planes and highways, Atlanta was a railroad hub. Learn off-the-script facts about objects in the Atlanta History Center’s railroad exhibit, Locomotion: Railroads and the Making of Atlanta, in this tour by Jackson McQuigg, Atlanta History Center’s Vice President of Properties and one of the curators of the exhibition. Who saved the 1856 steam locomotive Texas—which was built in 1856 for the railroad which created what is now Atlanta as its terminus, the Western & Atlantic? What’s the significance of the 1850 Zero Milepost to Atlanta’s city limits? What happened to the famous passenger trains which once served Atlanta (like the Southerner and the Georgian)? And what do those freight trains we see today actually carry?


The duration of this tour is 60 minutes.


—Max group size is 30
—The duration of this tour is 60 minutes.

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