The Price of Freedom

What are the causes and consequences of the Civil War?

Was the Civil War worth the cost to our nation? What were the causes and consequences of the Civil War?

Students will be invited to think critically about these critical questions on our newly developed virtual tour: Price of Freedom.

First, students will climb the stairs to an attic hideaway simulating Harriet Jacob’s seven-year long imprisonment as she sought to free herself from the cruel grasp of the institution of slavery. The true price of freedom is explored as students witness the devastating realities of Jacobs’ existence in hiding.

Next, students will role-play as a Civil War soldier in Atlanta History Center’s Turning Point exhibition and make realistic, vital decisions that could affect their character’s life. Virtual simulations and performances bring history to life as students are transported back to 1861.

To wrap the tour, students will participate in an inquiry-based activity, examining primary sources to discover why the South seceded from the Union. Looking at detailed excerpts from Mississippi and South Carolina’s Declarations of Secession, students will translate language from the 1860s to understand the Civil War’s leading cause better.

By the end of this virtual tour, students will have done more than study history; they will have participated in it.


Our classroom companion guide includes activities that explore the cause and effects of the Civil War.

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