The Price of Freedom

What are the causes and consequences of the Civil War?

Virtual Tour

Students are invited to think critically about the causes and consequences of the Civil War on Atlanta History Center’s new virtual tour experience, The Price of Freedom.

Students will examine the painful realities of enslavement during the Civil War, role-play as a soldier, and carefully assess South Carolina and Mississippi’s Declarations of Secession.

By the end of this virtual tour, students will have done more than study history; they will have participated in it.

Onsite Tour

Onsite tours available starting October 12.

One of the most popular tours Atlanta History Center offers is the immersive onsite tour, The Price of Freedom. 

In this tour, students contemplate whether the Civil War was worth the cost to our nation through a variety of activities. Students formulate their own answer to this essential question as they role play as a Civil War soldier in Atlanta History Center’s Turning Point exhibition and make realistic, vital decisions that could affect their character’s life. Moving on to explore the Civil War through the eyes of Enslaved people, students experience the risk some people took to secure their own freedom through the lens of Abolitionists Harriet Jacobs. Later, in an inquiry-based classroom activity, students use critical thinking skills as they examine primary sources to discover why the South seceded from the Union.

By the end of this tour, students will have done more than studied the history, they will have participated in it.


Our classroom companion guide includes activities that explore the cause and effects of the Civil War.

Companion Guide

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