Fight For Your Rights

The history of African American progress.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Freedom Fighter? Travel back in time with us and find out!

In the Fight For Your Rights digital school tour, students will explore the Civil Rights era and connect it to social movements throughout time. Our time-travel guides will take students back to the past where they will meet leaders of the Voting Rights movement of 1946 and the Atlanta Sit-In movement of 1960. Students will participate in self-guided, choose-your-own-journey digital experiences to experiment with nonviolent activism, complete with videos of our theatre education team embodying exciting historical figures!

The real show begins with our LIVE recreation of the 1961 Freedom Rides. This digitized, immersive theatre experience is unlike any Zoom call you’ve had before. Students will have the ride of their lives, complete with historical performances, video footage, audio clips, and a talkback discussion inspiring the next generation of citizens to take action in their communities.

You don’t want to miss this groundbreaking educational experience, sure to engage, inspire, and inform!


Our teachers guide provides an instructional overview for our Fight For Your Rights Tour.

FFYR Teacher Guide

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