Traveling Trunks

Would you like to have part of a history museum available to your students to use in your classroom?

Travel Trunks are designed to assist teachers in highlighting various chapters in our nation’s history. Each trunk includes a Teacher’s Guide with digital resources, an item guide, and lesson plans on how to use the objects in the trunk. Objects in the trunks vary based on topic, however all trunks come with artifacts and books can be added at no extra cost. 

All of the objects fit inside a rolling suitcase for easy travel and storage. 

Travel Trunks and their teacher’s guides are designed to match the state social studies requirements. 

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  • Native Lands

    How did Native Americans tell stories to each other? What did they use to make music? Why is Sequoyah important to Native American communities today? With this trunk learn about food cultivated by the Native Americans, tribal territories from early America and today, and how Native American stories were passed down to future generations, with key objects of this trunk including a toy canoe and artifacts like arrowheads.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS2H1B, SS2HSA, SSEG2, SS3H1, SS3H2, SS8H1, SS8H4E, SSWH10B, SSUSH7A

  • Colonial Life

    What was life like in the Colonies? How did the Colonists make butter? What kind of games did they play? What did Colonial and British money look like in the 18th century? With this trunk learn about Colonial Life, key documents for American history, and events leading to the American Revolution, with key objects of this trunk including a Colonial lantern, clothing, and toys.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SSH1A, SS1G1A, SS2H1A, SS3H3, SS4H1, SS4H2, SS4G2A, SS4CG1, SS8H2, SS8H3, SS4CG2, SSUSH1C, SSUSH3, SSUSH4

  • Westward Expansion

    What was life like for families on the Oregon Trail? How did they cook and what songs did they sing? With this trunk learn about various events and people including Annie Oakley, Lewis and Clark and the Transcontinental Railroad, with key objects in this trunk including a gold mining pan and buffalo skin.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS1G1B, SS4H3, SS4G2B, SS5E1B, SS4E1D, SS8H4, SSUSH12

  • Civil War

    What were the key causes of the Civil War? What did soldiers fighting in the Civil War do to keep up morale while away from home? What did utensils look like that they used for eating? With this trunk learn about the life of a soldier, their uniforms and weapons, some of the major battles, and outcomes of the war, with key objects of this trunk including musket balls, reproduced soldier equipment.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS4H4, SS4H5, SS4H6, SS8H5, SS8H6, SSWH10D, SSUSH8, SSUSH9


  • World War I and the 1920s

    Why was the First World War considered “the war to end all wars”? How did the 19th Amendment help shape American History? What were the most popular songs of the Roaring 20s? Learn about important battles and American involvement in WWI, life and culture of the 1920s, and the importance of the Women’s Suffrage movement, with key objects including a soldier’s helmet and uniform, 1920s era clothing and music, and historical magazines.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS5H2, SS5H3, SS5CG3, SS6H3A, SS8H8, SS4H4, SSWH17, SSWH18, SSUSH13B, SSUSH14, SSUSH15, SSUSH16, SSUSH17, SSUSH18

  • World War II

    How did the events at Pearl Harbor help push the United States into the war? What were instructions for American servicemen in wartime Britain? What was life like on the Homefront? Learn about important battles, American involvement and life in the States during WWII. Key objects include WWII propaganda posters, a soldier’s mess kit, and uniforms.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS5H4, SS5E1A, SS6H3B, SS6H3, SS8H9, SS8H10, SSWH19, SSUSH19

  • Civil Rights (1947–1965)

    Who were some of the key figures of the Civil Rights movement? What was life like during segregation and integration? What were some of the important moments that helped push for a change to segregation? With this trunk learn key events, hear songs and speeches and read primary resources from the Civil Rights movement, with key objects including clothing and a Martin Luther King, Jr. poster and historical magazines.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS2H1D, SS5H6, SS5CG3, SS6H1A, SS7H3B, SS8H6, SS8H7, SS8H11, SSCG7B, SSUSH10C, SSUSH13C, SSUSH21B, SSUSH21C, SSUSH21D, SSUSH21E

  • Vietnam War

    How did the events of the Gulf of Tonkin lead to more U.S. involvement in Vietnam? How did the Tet Offensive change the war for Vietnam and the United States? How are the lives of those we lost remembered today? With this trunk learn about key events in Vietnam, what soldiers wore and did to survive, with key objects including uniforms, American rations, and historical photographs and magazines.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS5H5 SS5H7, SS6H3C, SS7H3E, SSWH21, SSUSH20A, SSUSH21A, SSUSH21C, SSUSH21E, SSUSH22A

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