Stories of Atlanta.

Unsung heroes, go-go boots, and a trolley seat for two! Atlanta History Center’s newest cornerstone exhibition weaves Atlanta’s stories and artifacts together to define the narrative for our past, present, and future.

This exhibition shares the stories of individuals of many different backgrounds and perspectives who helped create the Atlanta we know today through artifacts, ephemera, interactive media, recording booths, immersive experiences and dedicated spaces while setting the stage for Meet the Past museum theatre performances. It also examines how the metro area has been shaped by watershed political events and exceptional leaders while covering broad themes including Politics and Policy; Cultural Life; Family and Community; and Urban Growth.

As you explore the the exhibition, you may encounter people important to Atlanta’s history. Travel back in time and come meet the past.

You may come across a young Alonzo Herndon who shares his insight and observations as a new resident of Atlanta in the late 1800s with his barbershop customers. Or a paperboy in 1906 who is educating new recruits on the “tricks of the trade” while highlighting the challenges he encountered as a witness to the Atlanta Race Riots.

On some days you may meet Governor John M. Slaton, who is torn on the eve of the final judgment in the Leo Frank case. Should he follow the path of justice or pacify the angry mob? Or Rosalyn Walton, one of the Atlanta Nine, as she is being interviewed by a reporter and discovers that being a regular teenager is just as difficult as being a trailblazer for Civil Rights.

These and many more stories can be experienced in the exhibition’s dedicated performance spaces.

What'll ya have?

Paper cook’s cap from the Varsity restaurant.