Writing Summer Camp

Fantastic Mysteries and Where to Find Them

Monday, Jun 12 2023 to Friday, Jun 16 2023 @ 9am - 4pm

Werewolves stalk their prey in a city park. A gang of trolls backs off disputed territory. Pixies make a mess of the local magic academy. A new Sorcerer raises the dead in a spooky cemetery.  A mystery is brewing in the city, and we're here to help you solve it! In this Fantasy/Mystery camp, you will create imaginative worlds, write your very own fantastical mystery, and share your amazing work with peers and parents.  

Highlights of the camp can include: 

  • Creating your own fantastical world through imaginative settings  
  • Making your main character come to life through art and descriptive writing and crafting intricate mystery plots 
  • Playing Fun Writing Games 
  • Bringing it all together to share your work in a thrilling Parent Showcase 

Member Pricing

Student, Teacher, Individual, & Dual $365
Family, Sustaining, & Sponsor $355
Patron & Director's Roundtable $345
Benefactor's Circle & Chairman's Circle $335
Phoenix Society & The 1926 Circle $325

Not-yet-member Pricing

$375 per camper


Ages 12–14

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