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The Civil War was a critical turning point in United States history.

On looker at Turning Point: The American Civil War

Few events so profoundly affected Americans, changed their lives, and changed the country. In 1861, the North and South went to war over the future of liberty, freedom and representative government. The outcome was by no means certain. In 1865 – at a staggering cost in death and destruction – Northern victory established an indivisible nation, ended slavery and set the United States on a course that would broaden democratic freedoms for all Americans.

A dynamic 9,200-square-foot permanent exhibition, Turning Point: The American Civil War features more than 1,400 objects, primarily from the renowned DuBose Civil War Collection, as well as pieces from the Thomas Swift Dickey Civil War Ordnance Collection and other holdings.


  • A supply wagon used in U.S. General William T. Sherman’s Atlanta campaign
  • The Confederate States flag that flew over Atlanta at the time of its capture
  • The uniform of Lt. George Young, 143rd New York, who was wounded at Peachtree Creek
  • Frock coat of Pvt. John Johnson, 29th Alabama, who was mortally wounded at Peachtree Creek
  • Federal and Confederate rifle-muskets, projectiles, and medical equipment
  • An interactive video depicting the experience of African-American soldiers
  • A reproduction knapsack and rifle-musket visitors can lift
  • The swords of General Howell Cobb and General Patrick Cleburne
  • Playing cards, pens, letters, books and other personal items belonging to soldiers
  • Vignette depicting women at work in the Atlanta Arsenal
  • Knapsack of Pvt. Ezra Brooks, 8th U.S. Colored Troops, at the Battle of Olustee, Florida



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