Fair Play.
The Bobby Jones Story.

While dozens of male and female athletes excelled in the “Golden Age of American Sport,” none captured the public imagination quite like Atlanta’s own Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones.

For a career that launched six decades before the birth of Tiger Woods, Bobby Jones is credited with popularizing golf on an international stage. His sportsmanship called attention to the game’s best traditions, and his success and character on and off the course inspired generations to this day. His 14-year playing career culminated in 1930 when he became the only golfer to achieve the Grand Slam by winning golf’s four major tournaments in the same year.

Discover the man who transcended sports during the Great Depression and became an American hero at a time when the nation most needed one.

Highlights include rare replicas of the Grand Slam trophies; a Masters green jacket; and Depression-era Spalding golf clubs that Jones helped design, marking the first set of matched irons.

Wooden golf club. (ca. 1950)