Donate Materials to Cherokee Garden Library

The Cherokee Garden Library is a growing collection, always seeking to acquire selected historic and contemporary books, periodicals, seed catalogs, and other materials pertaining to gardening, landscape design, garden history, horticulture, floral design, botanical art, cultural landscapes, natural landscapes, and plant ecology.

Collecting priorities are in the following order of importance: Gardening (and all other fields listed above) in the metropolitan Atlanta area, the broader geographical regions of Georgia, the Southeastern United States, the broader geographical regions of the United States and, finally, root sources (i.e., Europe, Asia, etc.) for influences in American gardening (and all other fields listed above).

The Cherokee Garden Library requests that potential donors provide a list of the materials to the Cherokee Garden Library Director for review. When the agreed upon items are received, the donor signs a Deed of Gift form. 

If you have books or materials you wish to donate, please contact Garden Library Director, Staci Catron, at 404.814.4046 or