The Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama: Curator Tour

Join project curator Dr. Gordon Jones for a special look at the hidden details and unknown backstories of The Battle of Atlanta cyclorama.

A part of the Atlanta Cyclorama

Your personalized tour takes you around the painting scene-by-scene:  what’s accurate, what’s not, and how it got that way. Find out what’s been restored and what’s original; and experience how the 1880s craze for virtual reality helped create one of our great national treasures!

Gordon L. Jones is the Senior Military Historian and Curator at Atlanta History Center, where he has worked since 1991. He curated the five-year project to move, restore, and exhibit the 1886 cyclorama painting, The Battle of Atlanta. Gordon holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University, specializing in the Civil War in popular culture. 

Max group size is 60 guests.

The duration of this tour is 45 minutes plus additional time for Q&A.

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