Party With the Past: Oakland Cemetery

Party With the Past: Oakland Cemetery

Start the Halloween season off right by partying with the dearly departed residents of Oakland Cemetery. Founded in 1850 and located slightly southeast of the center of Atlanta, Oakland Cemetery has been a place that Atlanta notables have been dying to get into for decades. Not to be outdone, the living gardens and sculptures are a highlight of the cemetery.

Ready to knock us dead? Join in our costume contest! Or, take our breath away with some amazing photos by participating in our photo scavenger hunt!  

Drinks and food will be available for purchase starting at 6:30pm. Tours of the grounds will run during daylight hours by sign up only, and a brief talk about Oakland will start at 7:30pm.

Party With The Past is always free to attend, but please so we know that you’re coming.

Party With the Past is a FREE program connecting young ATLiens to the historic locations around them (and the cold brews they crave). Come explore Atlanta's past and build a stronger community for the future.

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