Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween

Expect the unexpected as night falls across Atlanta History Center’s 33-acre campus. A witch and assorted ghouls take over Smith Family Farm, while wizards work up magic potions outside Swan House. Meanwhile, a vampire saloon in Swan Woods has scares on tap, and a long-shuttered hospital will be haunted by tortured souls. Gentler Halloween fun for the youngest trick-or-treaters is reserved for the main building during this one-night-only program.

Whether you are faint-of-heart or fearless, there is sure to be something to satisfy with each haunted happening given a Scare Factor Rating to help individuals and families plot their evening.

Enjoy food for purchase and visit one of several cash bars for your favorite Halloween themed libation.

This special holiday program is $20 for not-yet members, $15 for members, and $10 for all children.


Scare Factor Rating
1: All Ages
2: Most Ages
3: Parental Discretion
4: Scary! Tweens, Teens, and Above
5: Very scary! Tweens, Teens, and Above

Atlanta History Museum

Trick or Treat
Scare Factor: 1

Meet an Ice Queen, Arabian Princess, Frog Princess, Tech Princess, and a Panther King along with other fairy tale and superhero characters. Timed singalongs and fun hide-and-go-seek games make this the perfect stop for those looking for treats and photo-ops. Search through the exhibitions to find your favorite characters with whom to trick-o-treat.

Refrigerator Box Mystery Machine Haunted House
Scare Factor: 2

Perfect for little ones, this gentle Scooby Doo-themed haunted house encourages exploration through a maze of refrigerator boxes.

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Scare Factor: 1

Welcome to a wonky and wacky play area designed for our littlest participants. Decorate tea party crafts and enjoy over-sized toys, train tables, and other games!

Music & Mischief
21+ after 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 1

Revel and dance in the museum as the DJ plays tunes old and new for you all night. Join us after the trails close at 9:30 pm as the cast cuts loose to Halloween tracks.

Swan House

Wizarding World
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 1

Our popular school of witchcraft and wizardry welcomes its second-year students with immersive classes and experiences. Magical tutors lead potion classes and read wizarding tales. Get sorted into your magical house and meet exciting characters from your favorite wizard story.

Smith Family Farm

The Farm!
Ongoing Timed Experience
Scare Factor: 4

Every five years The Farm makes an appearance to weary travelers in the woods. Dodge scarecrows, trapped souls, a deadly witch, and watch out for Jack, as you attempt to make your way through The Farm!

Swan Woods & Wood Family Cabin

Vampire Saloon
Scare Factor: 4

Once a year all things evil converge at the old Carver Family Saloon for one hell of a party. Beware of the evil on the trails that lead to this industrial rock-style nightclub. Tonight could be your last dance.

McElreath Hall

Shady Oaks Hospital
Ongoing Timed Experience
Scare Factor: 5

The Hospital on the old silent hill has been closed since the ‘80s but you wouldn’t know that if you ventured inside—it’s haunted by tortured souls. Troops of blood-thirsty nurses pace the halls, surgeons are always looking for new patients, and horrendous victims roam the gardens just outside—you won’t know whether to run in or out!

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