Georgia Perennial Plant Association: Chris Wiesinger

Georgia Perennial Plant Association: Chris Wiesinger

Chris Wiesinger will educate and entertain us about the challenges of small business life and the passion of reclaiming heirloom flower bulbs that had once fallen out of fashion and off the market.

“Mr. Wiesinger makes a living finding pretty things in ravaged places. In 2004 he started the Southern Bulb Company with the aim of reintroducing flowers long out of vogue, committing himself exclusively to those that have ably asserted themselves against the particular cruelties of exceedingly hot weather for decades, even centuries.”

The New York Times Feature Article, July, 6 2006

Since The New York Times story about his life as a bulb collector and farmer, Chris has been known nationally as “The Bulb Hunter.” What started as a personal passion and college project turned into a lifestyle and profitable business.

This is a free event in partnership with the Georgia Perennial Plant Association.