Cyclorama and the Case of America’s Changing History

The game is afoot, historical detectives!

Cyclorama and the Case of America’s Changing History is Atlanta History Center’s latest tour that explores the history of the Civil War from the perspective of one of Georgia’s most fascinating artifacts, The Battle of Atlanta: Cyclorama.

The essential question that students will answer through this is – “How do the stories we tell shape our vision of the past?” To answer this, students will become time-traveling historical detectives where they will investigate the confusing and complex history that has shaped the Battle of Atlanta: Cyclorama.

In the end, our new detectives will learn how the stories we tell from the past are powerful forces that can change how we remember our history and our present.

We are also excited to announce that Cyclorama and the Case of America’s Changing History is a pre-recorded engaging filmed production that features several interactive activities for students to participate in and put their detective skills to work. Immediately following the 20-minute film, students will interact with the tour facilitator in a LIVE talkback session.


Our teachers guide provides an instructional overview for our Cyclorama and and American Citizenship Tour.

Cyclorama Teachers Guide

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