Cyclorama and Citizenship

The game is afoot, historical detectives!

Come help us solve the Case of American Identity by examining The Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama and other historical artifacts.

On this digital field trip, you’ll travel through time with our field agents—historical figures from the late 1860’s. Crack codes with Mary Bowser, collect clues with Henry McNeal Turner, and uncover what it has meant to be an American throughout time.

Students will explore the Civil War era and Reconstruction through a series of videos and digital activities. In the live portion of this field trip, students will connect this knowledge to today, continuing their work with Atlanta History Center Detective Agency to examine how American identity has changed over time.

This immersive educational experience includes games, quests, videos, and a talkback discussion for students to discuss what American identity means to them. It’s elementary, my dear detectives! You simply must come solve this mystery with us!


Our teachers guide provides an instructional overview for our Cyclorama and and American Citizenship Tour.

Cyclorama Teachers Guide

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