Senior Outreach Program

Bring history to life in your Senior Center with one of two presentations created for adults 50 and older.

Each 30 minute presentation includes a historical character that encourages participation, and hands-on activities that include reproduction artifacts, photographs and time period clothing.

Single presentation visits are $100 with a maximum of 30 persons per presentation. Each additional presentation is $50 on the same day and must be the same topic. Please request presentations at least 3 weeks in advance.

Outreach. Offerings.

  • World War II Homefront

    The entry of the United States into WWII caused people on the Homefront to contribute in creative ways to help support the war effort. Learn about what life was like on the Homefront through actual artifacts like propaganda posters, uniforms and ration books, and how civilians got involved to help win the war.

  • Georgia Pioneer Textiles

    Early settlers had to use creative methods to survive in the new environment of the countryside with little to no modern conveniences. Learn how they created their own textiles like clothing, string, and yarn using old techniques and the environment around them. Watch a spinning wheel demonstration and try to spin yarn using a hand spindle.

Additional Information

Atlanta History Center’s Senior Outreach offerings have been developed in partnership with the Georgia chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

For more information, please email