Characters in the Classroom

Bring history to life with one of five Characters in the Classroom virtual presentations.

Each 45 minute presentation includes a historical character that encourages student participation, and hands-on activities that include reproduction artifacts, photographs and period clothing. These programs are geared for students in grades K–12, and have incorporated some of the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

General. Information.

  • Who was here first? Native Americans in Georgia

    How did Native Americans communicate and learn? How did they use their environments around them to survive? Explore the Creek and Cherokee culture through storytelling and hands on interaction with reproduction artifacts like a bow and arrow and animal skins and furs, and learn how the Cherokee syllabary was created and how it spread.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS2HIB, SS3H2A, SS3H2C, SS8H1A

  • Colonial America and the creation of the United States

    What was the life of a colonist like? What were the causes of the American Revolution? Become a colonist and learn about the American Revolution from the perspective of a Patriot using reproduction artifacts like musket balls and a tea brick.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SSH1A, SS3H3C, SS4H1, SS4CG1A, SS8H2, SS8H3, SSUSH3A

  • Civil War

    What was life like during the Civil War for soldiers and civilians? What were the causes of the Civil War? Experience what was needed to survive and what life was like as a Civil War soldier using reproduced artifacts like minié bullets, uniforms and hardtack.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS4H5, SS6H1A, SS8H5, SSUSH9

  • World War II

    What were the causes of the United States entering World War II? What was life like on the homefront? Encounter World War II from the homefront and learn how civilians got involved to help win the war using actual artifacts like propaganda posters, uniforms and ration books.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS5H4, SS5E1A, SS6H3, SS8H9, SSWH18, SSWH19A, SSWH19B, SSUSH19

  • Civil Rights

    How did the American justice system affect the Civil Rights Movement? What were the causes of public school desegregation? Experience the beginnings of the modern Civil Rights era with the Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education.

    Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS5H6B, SSUSH13, SSUSH20B



Funding for Atlanta History Center’s outreach programs is generously provided by Wells Fargo Foundation and Fulton County Arts Council.

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