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Please note, tour dates are not guaranteed until you receive email confirmation. Requests must be made at least three weeks in advance.

Atlanta History Center can only accommodate so many students for each tour. Please look at each tour accommodations before submitting a request.

Each virtual school tour is 45 minutes. Detailed date and time options are listed below:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Block A
Earliest tour 9:20–10:05am
Latest tour 10:50–11:35am

Block B
Earliest tour 11:00—11:45am
Latest tour 12:30—1:15pm

Thursday ONLY:

Block A
Earliest tour 10:20—11:05
Latest tour 11:50—12:35

Block B
Earliest tour 12:00—12:45
Latest tour 1:30—2:15

All Atlanta History Center virtual school tour is $200 for the first 50 students. Add on $50 for up to 50 additional students. Title 1 schools receive 50% off regular rates

Your link to your virtual school tour will be sent a week prior. During this time teachers are encouraged to complete a 10-15 minute technology prep session.

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Title I schools receive 50% off regular rates.

Will your students be joining us in a classroom or remotely?
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Time Slot

Please note on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Block A is from 9:20–10:50am and Block B is from 11–12:30pm. On Thursday ONLY, Block A is from 10:20–11:50am and Block B is from 12–1:30pm.

Choose tour dates and 45-minutes time slot carefully. There is a $25 administrative fee should you need to reschedule your tour.

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