Cultural Experience Project Study Guide

​Perspectives on the Civil War

Students will explore the Civil War through different perspectives including Union and Confederate soldiers, women, and enslaved peoples. Set on the Atlanta History Center’s 1860s Smith Family Farm, this tour gives students the opportunity to participate alongside costumed interpreters as they work in a field hospital, build fortifications, prepare meals, and make battle plans. Students will gain a deeper understanding of day-to-day life during the 19th century, as well as the social, political, and economic impact of the Civil War on different segments of society.

What Does the Emancipation Proclamation Actually Say?
Help prepare your students to enjoy this program on a deeper level by teaching them about the Emancipation Proclamation before the field trip.

Emancipation Proclamation Pre-Visit

Quiz! Test your students on factual information about the Civil War

Student Quiz | Quiz Answers

Why Did the Southern States Secede from the Union?

Was it states' rights? Slavery? Tariffs? The election of president Lincoln? American history teachers are often divided about the true causes of secession. Find out the answer to this question yourself by examining primary source documents from the pre-Civil War era.

Mississippi Secession | South Carolina Secession

Group Decision-Making Activity: Was the Civil War Worth the Cost to Our Nation?

In groups, students assess the effects of this war from multiple perspectives. Some of these effects are discussed on the tour, but this activity gives students more details and visuals and allows them to form individual opinions about the value of this war to our nation.

Lesson Plan | Presentation | Student Worksheets

Literature Connection: A Closer Look at “The Slave’s Dream” by Longfellow

Students can read and analyze Longfellow’s poignant verse about slavery. This activity includes information about Longfellow, poem analysis questions, and an art project.

"The Slave's Dream" by Longfellow

Is Total War Justified?

After learning about the effects of Sherman's siege on Atlanta civilians, examine this question of ethics.

Discussion Prompt

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