Margaret Mitchell: A Passion for Character

Margaret Mitchell: A Passion for Character

The Life & Times of Margaret Mitchell

Discover Margaret Mitchell through girlhood writings, her career as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine and how the rise of Gone With the Wind affected her life. Margaret Mitchell: A Passion for Character substantiates her life through stories, keepsakes, quotes and never-before displayed photography.

The exhibition also highlights her philanthropic work in the Atlanta community, a story that has gone largely unrecognized. After the publication of Gone With the Wind and the release of the motion picture, Mitchell had the financial resources to support a number of philanthropic interests, including the Family Welfare Society and the Florence Crittenton Home for girls. Mitchell also founded an annual literary contest in the Atlanta Federal penitentiary and volunteered with the American Red Cross, one of her passions in the community. At a time when segregation was prominent, Mitchell was also committed to projects with Atlanta’s African American community, which included regular scholarship contributions to Morehouse College for medical students’ tuition, as well as financial contributions to establish an emergency room for African Americans at Grady Memorial Hospital.

While exploring the exhibition, try your hand at matching foreign-language editions of Gone With the Wind with their countries of origin. Or try typing on a manual desktop typewriter like the one Margaret Mitchell used to write Gone With the Wind. Since typewriters have been largely replaced by personal computers, laptops and smaller devices, younger generations who may have never used a manual typewriter will have the opportunity to experience a little piece of history!

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