Summer Camp

Story Forge: Role Playing Writing


Monday, Jun 27 2022 to Friday, Jul 1 2022 @ 9am - 4pm

Have you ever wanted to become a character from your favorite book or movie? Have you ever wanted to live in a fantastical world, go on daring adventures, and make friends along the way? At  Atlanta History Center’s role playing game camp , you can! We'll explore the history center campus as we craft fictional characters and the fantastical worlds they inhabit. We'll play games where your creativity is just as important as the rules, learn stage combat and how to tell stories through conflict, and even work on developing our own game mechanics. See you  there! 

Camp Highlights  

  • Developing your own role playing game system 
  • World building character development and arcs 
  • Stage combat 
  • Critical thinking and conflict resolution 

It is encouraged, but not required, that campers bring their own electronic writing devices for camp.

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