History Summer Camp

Just Mything Around

Monday, Jun 19 2023 to Friday, Jun 23 2023 @ 9am - 4pm

Hydras, centaurs, and dragons, oh my!  Join us as we hunt down myths from around the world!  From ancient creatures to urban legends, we’ll uncover them all.  Come prepared to research fantastical creatures, explore creepy stories, and even create new tales.  You won’t want to MYTH IT! 

Highlights of the camp can include: 

  • Playing Cryptid Creature Games 
  • Learning how myths influence our lives today 
  • Creating crafts worthy of the gods and goddesses  
  • Writing our own dramatic myths 
  • Presenting these new stories in a showcase for the parents 

Member Pricing

Student, Teacher, Individual, & Dual $365
Family, Sustaining, & Sponsor $355
Patron & Director's Roundtable $345
Benefactor's Circle & Chairman's Circle $335
Phoenix Society & The 1926 Circle $325

Not-yet-member Pricing

$375 per camper


Ages 6–8, 9–11

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