Black Landscapes Matter: A Brief History of Smith Farm

Smith Farm holds a deeper history than what meets the eye.

Emily Roberts, Director of Urban Agriculture, manages the landscape of Smith Farm, a representation of a working slaveholding farm from the Atlanta area in the 1860s. Roberts will discuss the history of the farm with a particular emphasis on the enslaved people’s garden, the kitchen garden, and the crops at Smith Farm. She will also discuss her work in the last year to grow crops for production rather than for educational purposes alone. The outbreak of COVID-19 made the need for food among elderly and vulnerable populations higher than ever. Food insecurity is worsening in our area, with disproportionate effects on Black community members. Atlanta History Center is partnering with Concrete Jungle to address this issue by delivering groceries weekly to neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Roberts will discuss the importance of making connections between the past and present when it comes to racism, injustice, and food access in nineteenth century and present-day Atlanta.

Up to 15 people per tour, entirely outside & masked, all temperatures, clear skies.

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