Homeschool Day: Strange History

Homeschool Day: Strange History

What makes us question what we see? Who gets to decide when a person, place, or event is deemed historical? Is it possible to separate fact from fiction? These are only a few of the questions that inspired our Strange History Homeschool Day. Join us as we use storytelling, interactive stations, and creativity to explore the origins of weird holidays, inventions that almost didn’t make it, and the strange but true history that has permeated our lives.

The Atlanta History Center offers special programs for homeschool students and their families. During these day-long programs, explore a different subject through engaging hands-on experiences, performances, historic simulations, and a variety of activities designed for kids from toddler to teen.   

General admission to Homeschool Days is $8.50 each for children and adults. Admission for members is $6.50 for children and free for adults. Discounted rates are available for groups with 10 or more children. For more information, or to make group reservations, please call 404.814.4018 or email

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