Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween

Be prepared for thrills and chills as you walk through the Atlanta History Center’s foggy gardens and haunted historic houses! Step onto the page as fairy tales, Victorian literature, fables, and nursery rhymes take on a new twist. Scare factors help you determine which trails and historic houses are the adventure you are seeking. This year, you are invited to a whimsical and wacky Mad Hatter Tea Party as you kick off your night of fancy and fright.

This special program is $20 for general public; $15 for members; $10 for children.


Scare Factor Rating: 

1: All Ages
2: Most Ages
3: Parental Discretion
4: Scary! Tweens, Teens & Above
5: Very scary! Tweens, Teens & Above

Atlanta History Museum

Halloween Movie Classics
Scare Factor: 2

Grab a seat and enjoy watching classic Halloween movies that get everyone in the spirit of the holiday.

Music & Mischief
Ongoing until 10:30 pm
Scare Factor: 1

Revel and dance in the museum as the DJ plays tunes old and new for you all night. Join us after the trails close at 9:30 pm as the cast cuts loose to Halloween tracks. 

Swan House Activities

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 1

Welcome to a wonderland of the whacky and whimsical. You have shrunk down in size since going down the rabbit hole, and giant-sized games await. Try your hand at flamingo croquet, tea party games, bowling, skee–ball, and much more. The white rabbit is serving up cotton candy, and the door mouse loves to share her popcorn.

The Brothers Grinman House
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 3

Would you enter a house that is haunted by the horrible imaginations of the two brothers who lived there? The Brothers Grinman never expected their tales to take on a life of their own—much less take over their ancestral mansion. Villains from the fairy tales you think you know wander the halls, always looking for the next hero or heroine to trick and deceive.

Swan Garden Activities

Garden of the Red Queen
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 4

Off with their heads! Be careful as you enter the Red Queen's domain—guards lurk behind every corner, and the Queen does not suffer trespassers.

Smith Family Farm Activities

A Victorian Horror Story
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 5

When page becomes flesh, nightmares awaken! Villains and victims from Victorian literature do not rest after dark, so be careful where you venture or you might just become the latest chapter in these terrifying tales.

Wood Family Cabin Activities

The End
Ongoing until 9:30 pm
Scare Factor: 5

Once upon a time... fairy tales ended with their happily-ever-afters. Or did they? Enter an enchanted forest but beware, many who enter do not return.

Cash Bar

Enjoy beer, wine, and cocktails available for purchase.

Food for sale

Nerd Dawgs
6:30–9:30 pm

Head over to the Mad Hatter Tea Party to purchase one of these delicious hot dogs!

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