Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween

The Atlanta History Center comes alive with ghoulish games, haunted mansions and terrifying trails. Whether you are faint of heart or fearless, there is sure to be something to satisfy your thirst for adventure. From the family friendly chaos of a turn of the century carnival to the startling and chilling trails, come and join us…if you dare! Enjoy food for purchase and visit one of several cash bars for your favorite libation.

This special holiday program is $10 for members; $15 for nonmembers; $8 for children.

Haunted Happenings

Scare Factor Rating:

1: All Ages
2: Most Ages
3: Parental Discretion
4: Scary! Tweens, Teens, & Above
5: Very scary! Tweens, Teens, & Above

Atlanta History Museum

Halloween Movie Classics
Scare Factor: 2

Grab a seat and enjoy watching traditional Halloween movies that get everyone in the spirit of the holiday.

Music & Mischief
Ongoing until 10:30pm
Scare Factor: 1

Revel and dance in the museum as the DJ plays tunes old and new for you all night! Join us after the trails close at 9:30pm as the cast cuts loose to enjoy Halloween classics. 

The Museum Basement
Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 5

No one goes into the museum basement unless they have to.  It’s always off limits to staff after dark….until tonight!  Who knows what this dark unexplored space holds:  evil relics, insane librarians, ghosts of the past, zombies?  Discover its mysteries but beware…for many go in but few come out.

Smith Family Farm Activities 

Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 1

Come one, come all- the circus is in town!

Meet the lion tamer, the mime, an acrobat, the fortune teller, and the ringleader as they perform spirited feats for audiences of all ages.

Visit the midway and play games of chance and skill and win carnival treats like cotton candy and popcorn.

Swan House Activities

Swan Hotel: A Dead and Breakfast
Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 2

A vacancy has just opened at the old Swan Hotel.

Built over the remains of Collier Swamp, the hotel was once the home of Dedward Skinman, former head of the Peachtree Asylum and School of Taxidermy. Recently, locals have noticed flickering lights, loud noises, and strange smells coming from the old Skinman property. Ghostly figures have been seen going about the daily business of the hotel. 

Join the scout party as they attempt to enter the hotel and check in if you dare.

Woodland Fairy Wand Workshop
Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 1

Calling all little witches and wizards! A special wand workshop is hidden deep within the wood just waiting for you to come along to choose and decorate your wand. Meet the woodland fairies while you practice your new magic skills!

Quarry Garden Activities

Carnival Castaways
Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 4
Terror awaits you in the eerie gardens of the old granite quarry. An evil troupe that was cast away from the carnival now haunts the unsuspecting who wander into their woods.  Be wary as you traverse the “Greatest Show Under the Earth”!

Wood Family Cabin Activities

Cannibal Carver Family: Butcher Shop
Ongoing until 9:30pm
Scare Factor: 5

The Carver family is back! Take care as you venture down this dark dirt road, a cabin of inbred cannibals awaits you.  After a severe drought resulted in poor crops and dead livestock, the Carver Family was reduced to eating all they could get their hands on – human flesh.  Overcome by their madness, the Carver's continue their cannibalistic ways, targeting unwise hikers who wander near their property and selling their “harvested meat” to the public as their local butcher shop.

Cash Bar

Enjoy beer, wine, and cocktails available for purchase.

Food for Sale

Pop Dogs
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm 

Pop Dog combines an American Classic All-Beef Hot Dog with trendy, gourmet toppings made from fresh and local fruits and veggies. 

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