Fall Yoga Series

Fall Yoga Series

Flow with us among the enchanting Quarry Garden for a series of morning mindfulness with gentle yoga led by wellness practitioner Sarah Bristow and illustrator Veronica McDaniel. Sarah and Veronica share ideas on yoga and art that have led to the collaboration coloring book and yoga guide Find Your Animal Side; a book created to inspire yogis and artist to explore poses and drawings. The Fall Yoga Series at Atlanta History Center will encourage you to put pencil to paper and step onto your mat.  This is an all ages series.  

Tickets are $10 per class for general public; $8 for members. Tickets to the series, which includes a copy of Find Your Animal Side, are $30 for general public; $24 for members.

About the instructors:

Atlanta native, Sarah Bristow has returned to her roots in Georgia after spending close to ten years in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. During her time out West, Sarah fully embraced the outdoor lifestyle by spending time hiking, camping, cycling, and running. With close to ten years of teaching experience, Sarah began teaching First Grade at Trinity School in 2012. In the fall of 2015, she became a certified Kids Yoga Instructor and began teaching small groups around the school. This led to recording “Mindful Moment” segments for Trinity TV, which the kids quickly fell in love with. Sarah has continued her own growth by earning additional yoga and mindfulness credentials through Grounded Kids Yoga and Mindful Schools. She has become passionate about sharing her love of kids yoga and Mindfulness through her own small business, “Growing Grounded.”  

Ever since Veronica was a kid she loved drawing ink and colored pencil drawings. Recently, Veronica was inspired to create original artwork which serves as a guide people can use independently and supports a healthy, purposeful lifestyle. As a secondary School Physical Education teacher, staying fit is an innate passion. On an early morning run, she was inspired to merge her interest in drawing and fitness with her running buddy Sarah’s growing passion of teaching yoga and mindfulness. She embarked on drawing for this book and spent a few months drawing each evening and loving every minute of it. Veronica set out to create something that would entice kids to adults alike. She envisions this book for people of all ages to enjoy on their leisure time in order to wind down and appreciate the little things each day has to offer.   

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