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Texas Locomotive

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Behind the Scenes: Cyclorama and Texas Locomotive Tour

Be one of the first to see The Battle of Atlanta cyclorama painting before it opens to the public in fall 2018!

Join our knowledgeable guides for the once in a lifetime opportunity to view The Battle of Atlanta cyclorama painting as art conservators and historians work to restore it to the original 1886 appearance! You’ll also discover the storied past of the Texas locomotive beyond its claim to fame during the Great Locomotive Chase is 1862.

Tour is available on Saturdays at 1:00pm or with advanced booking.

Cost: $75.00, includes full access to Atlanta History Center; $50.00 for members or for groups of 10 or more.

Behind the Scenes tours include durations of walking, standing, and climbing. Guests must be 13 years or older.  

For more information, call 404.814.4031.

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In July 2014, Mayor Kasim Reed announced the relocation of The Battle of Atlanta cyclorama painting. At that time, the Atlanta History Center entered into a 75-year license agreement for the relocation and long-term preservation, restoration and maintenance of the cyclorama painting, the Texas steam engine, and other artifacts.   

At its new home at the Atlanta History Center, the Texas is in a glass-enclosed exhibit gallery prominently placed on the front of the museum building, visible at all hours and illuminated at night. At times, the History Center will make the cab accessible to visitors. In fall 2018, the Texas will open to the public accompanied by an exhibition focused on the history of the famous locomotive, including the story of the Great Locomotive Chase, as well as the vital role of railroads in Atlanta and the Southeast.

The 4-4-0 "American-style" locomotive Texas served for nearly 51 years on the famous Western & Atlantic Railroad in Georgia, contributing significantly to the city of Atlanta’s rise as a railroad center, and ultimately, an international city. The Western & Atlantic ran between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Today, the same railroad is still operating as part of railroad company CSX’s system. The Texas is one of only two surviving Western & Atlantic locomotives; the other is the General

The Texas we see today is not the same locomotive built in 1856. As with all railroad equipment, the engine was continually upgraded through its service life. The bell stand, frame, and a few other parts remain from 1856, but virtually all other parts—including the cab, boiler, steam and sand domes, smokestack, pilot, and wheels—are replacements dating from the 1870s through the early 1900s. To restore the Texas to its 1856 appearance would mean building a new engine!

The restoration date chosen for the Texas is 1886, the year of its last major upgrade, and also the year The Battle of Atlanta cyclorama was painted, which was recently moved to the Atlanta History Center. The Texas has been displayed with the cyclorama since 1927. Both artifacts are owned by the City of Atlanta.

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