Civil War and Military Collection

Because it includes at least one of nearly every type of weapon, uniform, and accoutrement in use by Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War, the Atlanta History Center’s Civil War and Military Collection is considered to be the world’s most comprehensive Civil War type example collection.

The DuBose Civil War Collection, one of the world’s largest private collections, consists of 7,500 individual Union and Confederate objects covering all areas of Civil War collecting from firearms and swords to buttons and ammunition.  

The George W. Wray, Jr., Civil War Collection contains 1,000 objects and is one of the nation’s finest collections of rare Confederate firearms, uniforms, flags, and accoutrements.  

The Thomas Swift Dickey Civil War Ordnance Collection consists of over 1,200 Civil War artillery projectiles recovered from at least 388 different battle sites, making it the largest and finest collection of its type.  

The United Daughters of the Confederacy Collection includes 250 artifacts, including Confederate uniforms, flags, and swords, plus archival research material.  

The Old Guard of the Gate City Guard Collection contains 150 firearms, edged weapons, and post-war uniforms plus archival research material.  

The Civil War collection also preserves approximately 900 additional objects of Civil War provenance, including firearms, edged weapons, flags, uniforms, accoutrements, and memorabilia.   The general Military collection is comprised of 1,000 objects dating from the Spanish-American War to the First Gulf War documenting the military experience of native Georgians and installations or military events within the state.

The Atlanta History Center offers Peachtree Mercantile sewing patterns based on original garments in the collection. With true-to-history patterns, anyone can recreate the past with an authentic reproduction of a Civil War-era dress or overcoat. For more information, please contact our Museum Shop via phone, 404.814.4075 or email.