Genealogy and Family History of the Southeastern U.S.

Comprehensive in Georgia family and county histories, the H. Ross Arnold Jr. library at the Kenan Research Center contains 4,000 volumes regarding genealogy and family history of the American Southeast. The library also contains substantial holdings pertaining to North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama genealogy.

Resources for the genealogical library are made possible by funds from the Patterson-Barclay Memorial Foundation in memory of Fred W. and Lee Barclay Patterson, a bequest by Elizabeth Shepherd Green for the Blair Society for Genealogical Research, and a gift in memory of Barbara Hume Barfield.


Additional holdings include:

  • Georgia census, 1820–1930
  • Georgia census indices, 1820–1870
  • Soundex, 1880–1930
  • Garrett Necrology (cemetery survey and obituary abstracts), 1855–1933
  • Fulton County Court of Ordinary (estate records)
  • Atlanta Constitution, 1868–present
  • Atlanta Georgian, 1906–1924
  • Atlanta Intelligencer, 1860s
  • Atlanta Journal, 1883–1977
  • Fulton County Daily Report, 1928–1992